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Startup Grants: For entrepreneurs looking to bootstrap a dApp into the NEAR ecosystem, these grants provide network credits equivalent to $3,000 USD, $5,000 USD, and $10,000 USD. Successful grantees can re-apply for another grant upon completion of milestones/user onboarding. (If you’re building a dApp or project that has a high volume of established users, please contact us directly at and we can help with more customized onboarding credits.)

**Note, if you are a start-up you can also apply for the "Open Source & Public Goods" grants (specifically for the open-source components of your project, which you can detail how others in the community can re-use or benefit from those modules)**

Welcome to the NEAR Foundation’s Grants submissions page. Please start your grant application here.

Please make sure to fill out all sections of the application and provide as much detail as possible. All applications will be received and reviewed on a rolling basis. Only one application per individual and/or team can be submitted at a time.

After completing a grant successfully (reaching all the milestones and/or shipping to mainnet), an individual or team can re-apply for another grant. All grants will be issued as a combination of USD/EUR and NEAR tokens.

When your application has been successfully received, we will follow up about your submission by email. If you have questions that aren’t answered on, please contact us via email at

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.