The future is it with us!

This application is for entrepreneurs, developers, researchers, and advocates looking to contribute to the NEAR ecosystem. You might be looking to bootstrap your project on NEAR, add funds to your DAO’s treasury, or conduct research on the social impacts of decentralization. The NEAR Foundation (NF) welcomes all projects interested in building a more scalable, equitable, and creative future on NEAR.

Welcome to the NEAR Foundation’s Grants submissions page. Please start your grant application here.

To start, create a new account on Submittable by selecting "Create Your Account" at the bottom of this page. 

Please make sure to fill out all sections of the application. While you should provide clear details of your project timelines and scope, an application with lengthy responses is not necessarily preferable! We read through many submissions, so if you can concisely convey your ideas, we would greatly appreciate it. All applications will be received and reviewed on a rolling basis. Only one application per individual and/or team can be submitted at a time.

After completing your project’s pre-specified milestones, an individual or team can re-apply for another grant. Grants are issued in NEAR tokens but payment methods such as USD/ EUR can be issued in exceptional circumstances.

You will receive a follow up email to confirm your application has been received and separately when the review process has started. If you have questions that aren’t answered on, please contact us via email at

NEAR Foundation